Saturday, June 26, 2004

Compounding Their Shame

You can't help but feel embarassed for Ebert and the Other Guy when they feel the need to revisit their unintentionally hilarious commentary on Fahrenheit 9/11 from a previous week (audio file) to defend their opinions against "conservatives" who apparently didn't take too kindly to the abject ignorance and stupidity offered as a literate review. Once again, they smugly proclaim that F-9/11 is an important film because it's powerful and doesn't pull any punches, and isin addition beyond criticism because Moore admits that his viewpoint is a biased one.

Congrats, boys. You've once again made fools of yourselves by either being unable or unwilling to recognize the actual issue: that the movie is unfair and not worthy of anything but contempt because it is a calculated exercise in falsehood and dishonesty, not because its auteur is making a polemic against Bush. Boys, friendly advice: just shut up. It's simply too painful to watch you triumphantly heaping accolades so high when you're so utterly clueless about... well, everything.

In the kindest interpretation possible, one might only fault you for being too ignorant to be aware of the omissions and background info that would reveal Moore for the lying lipidinoid he is, but after reading about the movie's own patent internal contradictions, one seems unable to conclude anything but that you guys are just not very bright. So please, do yourselves and the world a favor: just shut your idiot traps, 'kay?