Monday, June 28, 2004

Gourmand of the Radio Dial

Drove down to LA with Michelle today. It turns out that almost half the radio stations in the California central valley are Spanish, another near-half are religious, and the remaining are probably Spanish and religious. Also, it seems that there is no local NPR broadcaster recievable along most of the I-5, but for some reason you can get crystal clear Radio Pacifica the whole way.

And thank goodness for that! Otherwise, I never would've known about this thing called "A Boo Grabe." Have you heard of it?

You know, one might think that after 5 hours, one would get tired of of a steady diet of national self-hatred, braised in a subtle sauce of snide contempt for the vast majority of the country. Not me, though! Oh, and waiter? Another splash of this delicious -what do you call it?- Ah yes, "Michael Moore."

Ugh, I'll bet this is going straight to my hips.