Friday, June 04, 2004

The Hippies Are Coming

There are about thirty hippies coming to stay here this weekend from... somewhere, I dunno. I figure they're likely from one of the great hippie nesting grounds of the Pacific Northwest. The Ann Arbor species tends to not migrate this far west barring a Phish concert.

Apparently they're coming to participate in the June 5th ANSWER protests in Frisco, so of course we, being the general collection of idiots we are, were only too eager to subsidize their offensive buffoonery.

As irksome as their presence will be, I'm not personally the antagonizing sort. I'm much too passive-aggressive for that. Besides, getting angry at people stupid enough to join in an ANSWER protest simply isn't worth it. I figure their idiocy will have its own self-inflicted retributions in the future, so what's the point in letting one's blood pressure hit the redline on their account?

But then again, if I'm forced to smell their grimy dredlocks for more than 5 minutes at a time, I can't make any promises...