Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I Dreamed I Saw an Anti-War Protester

Me: Not much of a turnout today, eh?

Hippie: Yeah well, we're coalition-building. We're laying grass-roots for the struggle ahead. It isn't over. It hasn't even begun yet!

Me: So, about Reagan-

Hippie: Warmongering simpleton! Died 93 years too late.

Me: Right. So, just curious, I was just wondering how it feels to revile someone the guy most responsible for putting an end to the greatest military struggle of the last 50 years?

Hippie: ...

Me: Actually, we can come back to that later. I was actually more interested in hearing your thoughts on what emotions are triggered when you realize that Reagan did more than any other president in your lifetime to make sure you had the right to generally make a fool of yourself in public.

Hippie: Uh...

Me: Does it make you bitter? Embarrassed? Is it painful? Nauseating?

Hippie: I guess it's a little embarrassing.

Me: Go on.

Hippie: Are you masturbating?

Me: No, no. I'm taking notes. Keep talking.