Tuesday, June 15, 2004

It's [Not] Funny Because It's [Un]true

See, this is why Doonesbury is now not only silly and irrelevant, but unfunny as well.

Trudeau has long been a devotee of the "genuine Little Guy as avatar" school of cartooning, wherein he chooses some salt-of-the-earth character to mouth his own philosophy. This can be an effective trope if you can find a message and an Average-Joe mouthpiece that plausibly could go together. In Trudeau's case however, his iconic Middle America characters tend more towards spouting standard issue Elite Liberal Opinion, today's comic being a perfect example.

You really think people in the army are overwhelmingly against their kids following in their footsteps, even if it means putting their lives at risk? Trudeau apparently does. Perhaps that's just because he's a pampered elitist who thinks the supreme goal in life is his own comfort and self-fulfillment, and so he cannot even fathom a military parent being proud of their kid choosing the same career. Maybe he's one of those clueless types who thinks only the stupid or the disadvantaged go into the military because they don't have any other options in life. Maybe he's just desperately hard-up for material and can't come up with anything else, I dunno.

The bottom line is it's lame because it rings so false.