Monday, June 14, 2004

Mao More Than Ever

The really interesting thing about this story is merely that there still seem to be people who consider themselves Maoists (aside from certain denziens of Berkeley I see every now and then).
Maoist rebels ambushed two police trucks in Nepal on Monday, killing 21 police officers and wounding 12 in stepped-up violence that analysts said dimmed hopes for early peace talks.
I'm curious what these blokes would have to say about just what makes them "Maoist," seeing as how the dogma itself was generally defined as whatever that crazy ignorant peasant happened to be thinking on any particular day - an arrangement that often caused central committee members to become counter-revolutionaries without them even knowing it. It's truly a sad state of affairs when even the yes-men get executed because their yeses are out of date by a week or so.

If these guys are really Maoists, they should try showing it in a more historically consistent way, like say, starving a few tens of millions of people out of their own incompetence and disregard for anything but ideology. Or maybe they could try making a bunch of substandard steel, or factories and farms that don't produce anything. Or they could shut down the school system for 10 years and kill/enslave every mildly educated person in a frenzy of equality. Now that would presumably do Mao proud.

But no, all they can manage is shooting up a police convoy. Somewhere, the Great Helmsman is looking up, and he is not happy (I mean because of these guys, of course, not because Satan is shoving a hot poker up his rectum).