Saturday, June 26, 2004

Photo Roundup

It's a sad state of affairs indeed when your hat can express the sum total of your political philosophy.

These boots are made for walkin' from environmentally-friendly synthetic fibers and promote equitable living-wage sustainable development,
And that's just what they'll do;
One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you form a broad coalition that will break the hold of the two-party system in this country and signal a significant shifting in the national socio-political dynamic.

Bill Clinton shakes hands with a well-wisher a book signing. And is probably doing that creepy finger thing.

While schooled in the arts of insurgent warfare and propaganda, Iraqi militants nonetheless seem ignorant of the fact that white is not a slimming color...

...See? That's the idea. Of course, Moore is aided by the fact that his mass is sufficient to bend trap light, rendering his appearance significantly smaller to the naked eye.

And finally, in international news, Korea was looking increasingly like Florida to me today, prompting me to try to come up with some sort of peppy mnemonic to tell them apart.