Thursday, June 03, 2004

Punky Cons

I give you: Punk-Cons. I'm sure lots of people will greet this new appellation/movement with open arms. Pej seems to. Being a jerk who generally likes to rain on people's parades, I can't bring myself to accept it.

Maybe it's because I think punk music is retarded. Maybe its because I think the way people try to extrapolate "punk" into some sort of general outlook on life is even more retarded. Maybe its because I, putting on my Goldberg thinking-cap, consider conservatism an anti-ideology, something not to be herded into identity categories with lifestyle prerequisites for joining. Maybe its just because I'm a jerk who doesn't like new things.

Update: In light of these recent developments, I've decided to start my own conservative movement: "Simian Cons" - conservatives that have a particular taste for bananas, can recognize themselves in the mirror and enjoy flinging their filth.