Thursday, June 24, 2004

Signs of the Apocalypse #765

Roger Simon:
But I did see the trailer the other night and what is being emphasized in the advertisement is that the documentary reveals the shocking news that Bush helped the Bin Laden family leave America immediately after 9/11. Now Hitchens, of course, shows how this is a bald-faced lie. Bush critic Richard Clarke has acknowledged his sole responsibility for that. (I blogged about this a few weeks ago.) It seems to invalidate the entire film without having to go further. It will be interesting to see how the critics respond. Don't look for the Cannes Film Festival to rescind the Palme d'Or. After all, Quentin Tarantino informed us that his jury had awarded the film the prize "for aesthetic reasons."
Forget the whole thing about dishonest distoritions, bold-faced bias at Cannes, the fact that Michael Moore is depleting our nation's Krispy Kreme resources at an alarming rate, etc. etc. What's really freaky, man about this whole situation is the fact that Michael Moore would win anything on the basis of aesthetics.

I mean, seriously, has the whole world gone insane?