Tuesday, June 22, 2004

We Are Badasses

How do you like that shit, you infidel pigs? Yeah! We are one baaaaad group of muthafuckas. We like totally cut his head off. His head. You like them jihad apples? Yeah. Yeah. Look at that. Look at us. He was all like crying and shit, and we did it anyway. Cut his head clean off. You like that, infidels? You like that? Take it. Take it good. That's right bitches. Yeah, you may be able to kill hundreds of us effortlessly from thousands of feet in the air, you may be able to go up against superior numbers and kill 50 as many casualties as you take, and sure, you can conquer a country in 3 weeks, but fuck all, can you behead an unarmed and blindfolded civilian? Yeah, we thought so. You wish you was as bad as us! Yeah. Tremble like the little bee-atches you are!