Friday, July 16, 2004

Cult of Death, Cult of Pup Tents

Over the several years I've been here, I've found that Berkeley is useful for several things. For one, it provides a congregating spot for gutterpunks and bums (especially of the mentally disturbed variety - you know, the kind that tear out their dental fillings to get Joan of Arc's dog to stop telling them to kill), to the benefit of other urban areas. Another is a future testing site to ensure the reliability of America's aging nuclear arsenal.

But most frequently, Berkelely is a good place to be if you want to be reminded on a regular basis of the barking idiocy that seems to pass as wit or cleverness amongst the collegiate Left.

Today for instance, someone posted a series of downloaded and printed pictures, examples of the recent Palestinian trend of dressing little kids or babies in mock-suicide belts for their family photos. Posted nest to that was a page torn out of an American camping gear catalogue which featured young kids wearing overalls, coats, hats, etc. with a camoflauge print.

I challenge anyone wishing to parody the now-stark-raving-mad cult of moral equivalence to create a better example than that.

Babies dressed up in suicide bomber fantasy garb juxtaposed with kids out camping wearing clothes with camo prints. All the same, you see. Death cults, both of them! Except of course, it must be pointed out that the cult of death more commonly known as the killbot factory... oh, excuse me, "the Army"... has killed far more innocent people than any other, as well as raping the natural world, creating untold economic suffering and preventing every person from being given a puppy. [/Noam Chomsky]