Sunday, July 11, 2004

Look at Me, Love Me!

I'm postmodern and oh-so-sophisticated!

The whole thing is rather embarrassing throughout, but it's only when the author unironically uses the phrase "European sophisticates" that this article really jumps the shark.
Visitors from Europe have arrived and, after having marvelled at the winter sunshine and extolled the harbour, they ushered me into a cafe, ordered espressos all round, coughed politely, and asked me the question I had been dreading. Would I be so kind as to explain my country's foreign policy?

Being your typical multilingual European sophisticates, they had quickly grasped Australia's sycophantic attachment to the US.
You can almost see the stinklines of cultural self-hatred, insecurity and shame emanating off her words, can't you? To me, she sounds like a freshman sorority sister at the first big kegger of the semester, eager to drop her draws for the first senior fratboy that deigns to offer her some beer and rufies in one of those big plastic cups.

Via Andrea Harris