Friday, July 09, 2004

Look Ma, No Talent!

Ah, excellent.

Yup, all the essential elements are incoherently thrown in at random:
  1. Oil - Check
  2. Signs of American military hegemony - Check
  3. Cowboy reference - Check
  4. Innocent victims of American aggression - Check
  5. Bible - Check
The thing that really annoys most about this kind of silliness is not the idiotic or aimless political argument, but just the sheer laziness of the execution. I've seen 4th grade collages that melded their concepts more deftly than this garbage. I'm frankly a little surprised that the "artist" didn't just go for broke and start glue-sticking words cut out of magazines like "Halliburton," "empire" and "collateral damage." Had he done so, he'd be sure to get the coveted "check plus" and smiley face sticker.

I guess he ran out of time when the recess bell rang.

Update: Oh, memo to Josh Micah Marshall, you left your Batman lunch box in the cafeteria.

Via John Cole