Monday, July 19, 2004

A Night With Move On

Last night, my co-op hosted a viewing of the short movie, Outfoxed, the latest tantrum from MoveOn. I only watched a few minutes, as I had other, more intellectually stimulating things to do (there was some paint that needed watching as it dried, for instance). However, I did see enough to notice they recycled one of the lame lies in Fahrenheit 9/11: that FoxNews tricked the country and every other media outlet into believing Bush won in Florida when every other election and news organ had pronounced Gore the winner. Cue heads bobbing fervently and shaking in anger.
George Lakoff was there. Apparently he's an outspoken member of MoveOn. Color me so not surprised. You may remember him as the Berkeley linguistics professor who, shortly after 9/11, wrote that the reason the attack was so traumatic to Americans was becuase we were all distressed by the phallic metaphor of the towers being brought down. He specializes in saying things that only an academic could be dumb enough to believe.
At the end of the movie, they passed around a petition that demanded! the the FCC disallow FoxNews from using the trademark "Fair and Balanced." Not a bad idea, I guess. While we're at it, could we also try to get the government to not let NBC use the phrase "Must see TV"? We have to stop them from insinuating nefariously to the pliant sheeple that they must watch, robbing them of their free will and preventing all those important Bill Moyers PBS documentaries from getting their justly deserved ratings.
In the end, you almost have to admire the MoveOn folks. Their ability to soldier on, foam-mouthed, against the withering onslaught of all common sense or perspective grows on you after a while.