Monday, July 19, 2004

Suggested Comics

Since I recently reformatted after a nasty computer bug (long story short: didn't have to put the old girl down, but I'm afraid she'll never race again), and I'm still in that nice clean glow of new, unsuillied OS, I've been systematically rebuilding my bookmarks in Firefox. One of my folders is reserved for my comic reads. As I was happily bookmarking, I recalled Lileks complaining recently that there aren't any newspaper comics worth your time anymore aside from Get Fuzzy. And you know what he's talking about: that drifting ennui as you open the comics page and realize within a few seconds of scanning that the best you can hope for is a slight smile.
Mostly, he's right. I don't have much to add, since my personal stuffiness about what a good comic leaves meager pickings. However, I can happily offer a couple selections:
1) 9 Chickweed Lane. The only paper I've ever seen this in has been the LA Times (not that I've exhaustively sampled the nation's broadsheets), so I think it might be comparatively unknown.
2) Sheldon. I only found this one a few days ago online. Never seen it in a paper before. Looks promising.
Update: Oh, I forgot to mention Family Circus. Nothing encapsulates the cultural zeitgeist more devastatingly. I mean, "where's Jeffy?" Seriously, where?